An Update on Modern Inspiration:

August 2012



NEW MUSE: Wesley Singh, Sculpt or

WHY?: Three Words: Attention to Detail

I freaked out the very first time I laid eyes on the sculptures of Wesley Singh. The ocean, contained in clay, mesmerized me. Rarely does a work of art produce an emotional reaction from within me. I tend to be more moved by the theoretical aspects of what the creative mind intended. But these sculptures are different as they offer the hypnotic healing aspects of water from an arial G-d-like perspective. It is as though Mr. Singh is a scientist who is studying the ocean under a microscope, then steps away to mold, with his hands, the same magnified image. Learning more about the artist and his wish to carry his audience to the tranquility of destinations he has encountered and admired as a surfer. Time and Time again Mr. Singh delivers unobstructed beauty.


Wesley Singh Sculpture Boulder

Wesley Singh Clay for Surf Boulder


NEW MUSE: Philip Wesley, Pianist

WHY?: Four Words: His Keys Bring Peace

After several incidences of bumping into Mr. Wesley on Pandora's Craig Armstrong playlist I have been sucked into the simplicity of the piano. All my life having loved and long admired the piano I find the work of this specific composer to be a calculated achievement as each key articulates a note that is punctual and heartfelt. Hearing the piano stand on its own evokes many pleasureable images, almost like a movie soundtrack which plays to my imagination, or rather, prods my creativity forward. I certainly will be on the lookout for more of what Mr. Wesley has to say through his magnificent machine. You will be transported to a brand of peace that has escaped you for some time. I know I was.

NEW MUSE: Krisztina Zur

WHY?: One word : Awesome!

When The woman who taught me how to standup paddle in the bay of Newport Beach has won gold at the London Olympics. To all those who know Krisztina she is humble, patient and fun. I salute your dedication and am inspired to continue to go the distance.

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