LADDIE $150.00 USD

Inner Diameter of 3 inches / Thickness 1/8 inch

Wearable Art. Reproductions of paintings created by our resident artist Keariene Muizz, will not be made available until 2037. Enjoy this miniature replica of Fierte from the world renown Speaking Stones art series. Enclosed in a signature cigar box for storage and displaying purposes. Signed by the artist KZ. Available for a limited time only.

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Dear L.,

I guess it was that day, the afternoon we sat across from each other over lunch as the sea-scented air whistled between our voices that I knew we were mirrors of each other. I contemplated this as I held my knife with my left hand and clenched a fork with the other, poised like a drummer holding sticks. I listened to you discuss accompanying friends on a chartered plane to Cuba in the 80s. And how you met Fidel Castro in the middle of nowhere.

Our lives are magical like two mirrors that face each other and form an infinite hall of reflection. Our depth can not be reached nor can our end.

"It's such a privledge," I remarked later that day from the passenger seat as we rode back to your studio, "to be a professional artist. To wake up everyday knowing people invest in our originality." I took a deep breath and blew a puff of air between my dry lips, declaring my satisfaction and you smiled because you knew exactly what I meant.

For your cuff I wanted you to wear your favorite painting of mine. The one you pointed to and said, "The juxtaposition is incredible!" I painted Fierte because I needed a totem, a spirit to guide me. You are my guide Laddie. Aside from being one of the most incredible men I have ever met your humility, sweet kindness, and values make you a pillar that towers above and beyond the art community. Laddie John Dill, you are the skyscrapper in my big blue sky. The one we all look to. Like a tower with mirrors, you reflect our true selves back to us and in this exchange we, the people who know and love you, are never lost. Thank You. Keariene.