DAVID $300.00 USD

Inner Diameter of 3 inches / Thickness 1/8 inch

  Wearable Art. This collectable cardboard cuff is hand made by our resident artist, Keariene Muizz. Oil painted from colors derived from the artist's palette, the David cuff takes an average of seven days to complete. Enclosed in a signature cigar box for storage and displaying purposes. Available for a limited time only.
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Dear D.,

Army green. Hot pink. There were no better colors to choose for your cuff. I apply these colors generously to the treated cardboard with a palette knife. When I paint I usually play the same song on repeat until I am done creating. Sometimes, that can mean the same melody plays in rotation for weeks. This song usually has a single phrase that allows me to enter that private place I go to when I paint. Sometimes, the song has nothing to do with my subject. Other times, it's everything.

In this song Beth Orton says, "I think that's how I finally came through..." And that's where you come in. For the past several months I have been asking myself how did I survive it all? There was a time when I did not know who I would be after all the loss. Everything vanished and these disappearances happened all at once. There was this one afternoon when you said, "most people would find it hard to get through one of these things. You've had so much happen (back to back)."

I added two slotted nails to your cuff too, near the top because I'll never forget there was a time when you were the only thing that held me together. I want all men like you to look down at their wrists, see the screws and remember their significance as protectors, thinkers and leaders. I know we're both busy with our lives but I just had to stop and let you know that everytime I laugh I feel a little indebted to you because without a friend like you to remind me of my significance, I might not have found a way to the serenity I possess now. Thank You. Keariene.