Inner Diameter of 3 inches / Approx. Thickness 1/8 inch


Wearable Art. This collectable cardboard cuff is hand made by our resident artist, Keariene Muizz. Oil painted from colors derived from the artist's palette and reinforced with galvanized steel, the Astorquia cuff takes an average of three days to complete. Enclosed in a signature cigar box for storage and displaying purposes. Available for a limited time only.

Request up to four letters to customize your cuff by emailing [email protected] after placing order.




Dear A.,

When I was nineteen my friend invited me over to her house to meet a Princess. Her parents knew how much I adored Jackie Kennedy Onassis. They wanted the Princess to tell me about the times she met Jackie O. It was then that I knew that who I am would speak louder than where I came from. I didn't realize it then, but that moment was also when alpha males would rearrange my life after acknowledging something in me, something separate and distinct from everything else in existence.

You are a blueprint to be duplicated. Decisive. Discerning. Clear. Instinctual. Just like the cuff I created in commemoration of your enduring wisdom. I drilled eight holes in your cuff. The Arabic number (8) represents infinity. The number of pathways, our courses are both connected and bound by a profound sense of completion. I inscribed a word on the inside of your cuff in binary code, one which best describes you and all men like you and the alpha male who introduced me to a Princess.

The last several months I have seen and celebrated many things and you were the catalyst which set these many things into motion. I can not wait to see what the future brings. Thank you for being a part of my journey. Keariene Muizz.

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